For Kim

Many of you in the iOS community know Daniel Steinberg. Even if you don’t know him personally, you’ve probably seen one of his many outstanding talks about Swift. If you know him personally, you know that Daniel is a wonderful, warm, kind person.

As many of you have already heard, Daniel’s wife Kim passed away after a car accident late last week. This would be awful news for anyone, but it’s particularly heartbreaking to see happen to someone like Daniel, who’s already gone through enough tragedy for many lifetimes.

Even in the depths of such horror, the focus that Daniel and Kim had on helping others shines through. Kim was an organ donor, and Daniel fought through an emotional roller-coaster I can’t even begin to fathom to make sure sure that her senseless death allowed others to live through her donation.

I’ve run into many people here at 360iDev who’ve expressed tremendous sympathy for Daniel at this awful time, and wondered if there’s anything we can do in her memory. I reached out and asked him if there was a place where donations could be made in Kim’s honor.

He and his daughter Maggie have chosen SmileTrain, a charity which works to perform life-changing surgeries to correct cleft palates as the place they would like those of us who wish to donate in her honor should support.

If you’ve ever been affected by one of Dan’s talks, or by one of his million small gestures of kindness, please join me in donating in memory of Kimberli Diemert.

Update, 8/23: Updated the donation link to the iOS Community donation page I put together. If you made a donation on your own, use Twitter or the contact form to let me know the date, name, email, and confirmation number and I’ll get them added to the fundraiser.