Time Converter 24

Time Converter 24 iconTime Converter 24 Free is a FREE application designed to allow you to easily take a time of day, like 12:00pm, and convert it into a 24-hour based decimal, like 12.0. This is really useful for filling out timecards which require a 24-hour based scheme, like those in the Entertainment industry.

This application is now available on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), and on Google Play for Android devices.

On the App Store!

Click the logo to go to see Time Converter 24 Free on the App Store! As a bonus, a few screenshots to get you started:

NEW! iOS v2.0 Screenshots

Time Converter 24 iOS Screenshot 1Time Converter 24 iOS Screenshot 2Time Converter 24 iOS Screenshot 3Time Converter 24 iOS Screenshot 4

On Google Play!

Click the logo to go see Time Converter 24 Free on Google Play – if you’re on an Android Device, you should be able to look at it directly in the Google Play app. Also, a couple quick screenshots to get you started:

Android Screenshots

Time Converter 24 Android Screenshot 1Time Converter 24 Android Screenshot 2