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Current Applications

Hum Icon


In collaboration with designer and developer Aaron Shekey, a beautifully designed, lovingly coded songwriting app for iPhone. More details at the much, much prettier official site.

Flight Time Converter Icon

Flight Time Converter

Allows pilots to easily enter take-off and landing times, have those times converted to decimal time, and automatically calculates how many hours you were in the air. Available for iOS and Android. More details here.

Time Converter 24 Icon

Time Converter 24

An application to help convert clock times (12:00pm, 6:18pm) to 24-hour decimal times (12.0, 18.3). Particularly helpful for filling out timecards. Available for iOS and Android. More details here.


More applications are brewing, but if you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, or compliments, please stop by the contact page and drop me an email. Thanks!

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