Public Speaking

I like to talk about native mobile development.

A lot.

If you want me to come talk to you about mobile development*, please shoot me an email via the Contact page.

Here are links to a whole mess of talks I’ve done lately (linked slide deck is always the most recent version), along with a roughly current upcoming schedule**:

* – Note that I will be based out of Nijmegen, Netherlands rather than the US from late August 2017 to ~late August 2019.

** – last updated 7/16/2017

Upcoming Talks

  • 360iDev 2017, Denver, CO, August 13-16, 2017
  • [I was supposed to speak at iOS Dev UK 2017, but unfortunately that was cancelled due to moving to the Netherlands a week prior. Sorry, UK friends!]
  • Mobile Era 2017, Oslo, Norway, October 5-6 2017
  • RWDevCon 2018, Alexandria, VA , April 5-7 2018

iOS and Android



All my Android code from AndroidListener talks is available on Github.