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I date and live with a lovely woman who works as a post-doctoral researcher in a big psychology/linguistics lab at the University of Chicago.

One of things the folks in her lab do to entertain themselves is something called Slide Deck Karaoke: Slides pertaining to a topic are collected, and then the presenter has to attempt to give a coherent talk without actually seeing the ordering or content of the slides beforehand.

As soon as I heard this concept, I knew I had the foundation of my SeanCon talk for this year. The Slide Deck Karaoke format has several benefits:

  • I don’t actually have to prepare anything in advance.
  • Isaac, who’ll be collecting and arranging slides for the talk, gets the opportunity to screw with me on a fairly epic level.
  • Everyone at SeanCon will already be fairly drunk and full of tacos by the time I give this talk, so need for coherence is low.

Having selected the Slide Deck Karaoke format, I decided I need to do something vague and think-piece-y enough to allow for all sorts of weird slides to be submitted, but still related to what I do so that I don’t sound like a complete moron.

Therefore, the topic I have selected is: The Future Of Mobile Development.

Dearest Internet, I would love for you all to submit some slides for Isaac to craft a deviously nonsensical deck for me to try and make sense of on the fly. To submit slides for inclusion:

  1. Make sure the slides are somewhere on the internet.
  2. Tweet the slides (with slide numbers if you can’t link to individual slides) to @isaacgreenspan with the hashtag #SlideDeckKaraoke by the end of the day on Monday, July 20th.

NOTE: Any tweets which mention me will be automatically disqualified, since I’m not supposed to see them before the talk.

If there’s sufficient interest, I’ll see if I can convince someone to record this…talk? Performance? Hilariously horrendous idea? Whatever it is, we’ll see if we can get it recorded for posterity.

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